Thank you for your interest in submitting your work to Arthur A. Levine Books! Before you write a query letter to us, we encourage you to look at a few of our books and determine whether we are indeed the right kind of publisher for your book. Arthur A. Levine Books publishes hardcover literary fiction and nonfiction for children and teenagers (and discerning adults). We look for strong writing, beautiful artwork, authentic emotion, and ideas or perspectives we haven't seen before, and we greatly enjoy working with debut authors and illustrators.

If you've examined our list and believe your work and our publishing style are a match, then we hope you'll write us a query letter. If you have never written a query letter before, you might wonder just what one is. A query letter is a one-page description of your manuscript that illuminates its strengths and captures our interest. What is your manuscript about? Why would a reader turn to your book? What makes it original or memorable? Try to answer these questions in a way that reveals the character of your writing and gives us the overall feel of the manuscript. (Often good queries sound like jacket copy, the text on the inside front flap or back cover of a book, or the descriptions found in publisher's catalogs.) Don't think of a query as a form to fill out-your letter should be as individual as the book it describes and the author it introduces. Consider it an opportunity to make an impression, to introduce your work to readers who might enjoy it. And don't forget to proofread your letter thoroughly before sending it! 

Please choose the category you feel best matches the project you're submitting, and follow the instruction specific to that category. If you have any questions, please e-mail us at Questions only at this e-mail address, please; any submissions sent to this address will not be read.

We are a staff of only four people, and we receive thousands of submissions each year. But we are committed to reading each and every one of them, and will aim to respond to each query within 6 months.

Interested in submitting a picture book manuscript to Arthur A. Levine Books? Whether it's fiction or non-fiction, verse or prose, concept- or story-driven, please send us a query letter as well as your full picture book manuscript for review. 
If you've written and illustrated a picture book project (or have worked together with an author/illustrator) and would like to submit text and illustrations together digitally, please send us your picture book dummy along with a query letter.
If you'd like to share illustration samples with Arthur A. Levine Books, please submit three sample illustrations, and/or a link to your online portfolio.
If you would like to share your chapter book manuscript with us, please submit a query letter, two chapters (or 15 pages, whichever is more), and a one-page synopsis. Please note, by chapter books we are referring to works of fiction for readers who are ready to tackle something longer than a picture book, but not quite ready for a middle-grade novel. Think Lisa Yee's BOBBY books, or Judy Moody, or Clementine. While chapter books in their published form are almost always illustrated, please submit only a manuscript unless you intend to illustrate the book yourself.
To submit a graphic novel, please send us a query letter, the first two chapters (or 15 pages, if not broken into chapters), and a one-page synopsis of your graphic novel. 
For middle-grade fiction, please submit a query letter, the first two chapters of your novel, and a one-page synopsis.
For young adult fiction projects, please submit a query letter, the first two chapters of your manuscript, and a one-page synopsis.
For nonfiction projects, please submit a query letter, a synopsis/proposal/outline, and the first two chapters of your work. Please note: Nonfiction picture book projects should be submitted under the Picture Book category.
Maybe your project doesn't quite fit into the categories listed here... or maybe you're not quite sure! That's OK, you can still submit your manuscript here. Please send us a query letter, two chapters (or 10 pages, if not in chapters), plus a one-page synopsis or proposal.